Cadeyrn Craig | No More Secrets: Making Motion Canada a Household Name

Cadeyrn Craig

Cadeyrn Craig | No More Secrets: Making Motion Canada a Household Name

Motion Canada is thriving: we have the best employees in the industry, the best suppliers in the world and the best customers in the country. But there’s a problem. When we talk to people about Motion Canada we often come back to one thing – that we are the best kept secret around! Luckily, we have a plan to help Motion Canada become a household name from coast to coast: digital marketing.

What is digital marketing? It’s any form of marketing or communication that is enabled by digital technology. Search engine marketing (Google), social media and email blasts are all forms of digital marketing. And with the rise of smart phones and social media, we are all marketers! There is so much opportunity for us to get our message out there – to be seen, heard and understood by the people who will help us drive Motion Canada forward.

Of course, we are seizing this opportunity. A couple of years ago, Motion Canada jumped feet first into digital and social media marketing. In our first six months of launching digital campaigns, we reached over 10 million people, more than 52 thousand people engaged with our ads and we generated almost 600 new sales leads. And the best part? It’s pretty inexpensive compared to more traditional marketing methods like newspaper and TV ads.

What else is in store for the future of Motion Canada’s digital marketing?

  • Partnerships: We’ve created a digital Supplier Promotion Program that helps us promote relevant products and services that our customers want. We believe partnering with our suppliers helps our customers, so we will continue to cross-promote as much content as we can.  
  • Video: Even though only half of businesses are using video marketing, we know it’s the future of digital marketing (and it’s fun!), so we are going all in on video. We’re using videos to showcase our top-notch products to drive awareness about our innovative product lines. And we’ve produced a few videos that you can watch on our be a partner Talent Brand website.
  • Social: We’re also going to continue to build our social media presence, and we’re looking to educate, enable and encourage our staff, suppliers and customers to participate. Whether it’s a like, a comment or sharing a post, we want you take part in growing our shared business.

So remember how I said we’re all marketers? Now is your opportunity to help make Motion Canada a household name! Whether you’re a current or future employee, a supplier or just interested in what we’re up to, follow our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages and be sure to like, comment and share our posts so we can reach even more Canadians and show how proud we are to work for and partner with Motion Canada!

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