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After 15 years and a variety of positions, I’d have to say the thing I like best about working here are the career opportunities. Motion Canada has recognized my potential and given me so many different roles and projects (warehouse supervisor, writing newsletters, pricing, purchasing, vendor rebates, customs documents – the list goes on and on). I love the fact that I get to dabble and work with a lot of great people, both inside the company and out.

Liz Peach, Analyst, Corporate Purchasing


At Motion Canada, we are committed to helping our employees continuously learn and grow from day one. That’s why we offer hire-to-retire learning opportunities, such as onboarding support, on-the-job learning, peer mentorships, custom classroom courses, online learning, supplier training and more.

Motion Canada’s Learning Culture


Sure, we want to hear about your past skills, but we also want to hear about your future. So if you want to ace the interview, be prepared to share your learning and development goals and your definition of team player and integrity.


of employees feel they fit in at work and consider at least one coworker a friend

What do I like about working at Motion Canada? The people. Some of my best friends are other branch managers. I have the best boss I’ve ever had. Motion just feels like a family.

Dallas Lambe, Branch Manager