Networking for introverts: 4 tips for successful networking, even when you hate it

Few love networking, but as an introvert, I hate it.   I find the fast-paced, often surface level interactions at networking events drain me in about 0.  2 seconds flat.   After these events I always joke that I have a “people hangover.  ”.  .  .  
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Cadeyrn Craig | No More Secrets: Making Motion Canada a Household Name

Cadeyrn Craig Cadeyrn Craig | No More Secrets: Making Motion Canada a Household Name Motion Canada is thriving: we have the best employees in the industry, the best suppliers in the world and the best customers in the country.   But.  .  .  
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Candice Hollingsworth | Our Ultimate Competitive Advantage: Our Learning Culture

Candice Hollingsworth At Motion Canada, we know that employee development is intrinsically linked to company success.   That’s why we make sure learning is something that happens every day, in many different ways.   Up all rungs of the corporate ladder –.  .  .  
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Our People, Our Future. How Motion Canada Is Leveraging Real Employee Stories To Propel Us Forward

“Motion Canada is the best kept secret!” That’s what we kept hearing from people.   But we don’t want to be a secret.   We want everyone to know who we are and what we have to offer – think flexible health.  .  .  
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