Steven’s Story – Operations Manager

Steven Mclean, Operations Manager
Fort McMurray, Alberta
When did you start with Motion Canada? May 2017

What was your journey to becoming an Operations Manager at Motion Canada?
My journey to becoming an Operations Manager at Motion Canada involves learning on the job and challenging myself to go above and beyond. I started with another company in the GPC family as a delivery driver nine years ago and from there I climbed my way up! I went from being a delivery driver to a dispatcher to a warehouse manager to front counter customer service and then I began managing major accounts, and eventually became a shift supervisor.

But me being me, I wanted to keep moving and learning, and I spotted a role at Motion Canada that interested me. So three years ago I came to Motion Canada to become a Customer Service Representative, and later graduated to Technical Sales Representative.

Then the Operations Manager role opened up, and I put my name in for consideration – with my experience at so many levels and in so many roles, I knew I would be a good fit for the position. Sure enough, I got the job and I think it suits me very well. I love what I do! I wake up every day excited to come to work – the challenge of finding solutions for customers, guiding my  direct reports, interacting with so many people and constantly learning new things is great.

What do you like about working at Motion Canada?
The diversity of the products and services that Motion Canada offers provides a lot of learning opportunities for me, and I really like that! Every day I learn about a new product we offer to our large customer base.

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting at Motion Canada? Buckle up – you’re in for an exciting ride! Every day in this industry is unique. We offer parts and services for so many different customers in this industry and in a given week you could go from selling components for a screw conveyor in a material handling plant to sizing up a bearing to outfit the largest haul trucks in the world. The diversity is astonishing, so if you love a challenge and learning new things, this will be a great place for you.   

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go any why?
Italy! The architecture is beyond amazing to me. I think I could easily spend two weeks there with no agenda – I would just take in the sights, history, architecture and culture it has to offer.

You are given one million dollars – what are the first three things you do with it?
Help my family first. Then buy my dream home, and travel to Italy.

If you were an ice cream flavor, which would you be and why? Definitely Mint Chocolate Chip just because it’s my weakness. I can never get enough of that good stuff! J

Motion Canada employee sits in a red leather chair
My journey to becoming an Operations Manager involves learning on the job and challenging myself. I started as a delivery driver nine years ago and climbed my way up!

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