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Welcome to Motion Canada and to your opportunity to be a partner with our growing team. Motion Canada is reimagining what it is to be an industry and people leader in the 21st century, determining how best we can win the hearts and minds of our shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work.

Speaking of growing, and on behalf of all of us at Motion Canada, we are pleased to announce that we have made an investment in our Motion Services strategy – effective August 1, 2020, we acquired TRC Hydraulics (TRC).

This partnership deepens our competitive advantage, and furthers our focus on building upon our core capabilities – in this case, around our Motion Services offering. We already provide fluid power services, and with this acquisition, we can deliver a more comprehensive and national approach to fluid power solutions and product delivery to all of our customers, and in particular, allow us to grow our fluid power business with our Atlantic corporate account customers.

Part of our corporate strategy also includes a strong focus on securing new talent, and engaging and developing our people. Acquiring a company is no different – it’s a great way to win new talent – and we aim to provide the kinds of culture, programs and benefits that meet the needs of all our employees, today and well into the future.

We look forward to learning from our new colleagues, and to sharing and growing with the entire TRC team. Please join me in welcoming the TRC team to ours!

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I like working at Motion Canada for a lot of reasons, the most important is the people I work with. They’re like family and we’re all working together towards a common goal. I also feel like management has faith in my abilities and that I have the autonomy to make decisions on behalf of the branch without being micro-managed. It’s nice to work for a company where hard work is noticed and rewarded.

Sandy Anderson, Operations Manager

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