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Brent Pope, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Time at Motion Canada: 38 years.

What do you like about working at Motion Canada?
I find the daily engagement and interaction with our customers, fellow employees and suppliers very gratifying. I love the fact that we have a very simple national strategy that is easy to articulate and adopt at the branch level.

Do you have any advice for anyone just starting at Motion Canada?
Motion Canada will provide you with an opportunity for a very long and rewarding career. Thirty-eight years ago, a rural Alberta kid started as a Warehouse Representative, and today I am fortunate enough to lead the sales and marketing efforts for Motion Canada. My advice would be to have an open mind, work hard and stay focused.

At Motion Canada, we believe that to be a partner with employees means giving employees what they need to be successful and providing an outstanding culture and benefits (among other things!). What does be a partner mean to you?
It means providing clear expectations of what is required to succeed at each position in the company and then providing the resources and support to accomplish them.

What is your favorite “guilty pleasure” song or artist?
I love all music but the Eagles, the Rolling Stones and Steve Earl always get my foot tapping!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
Totally an extrovert. I can find something to talk about with anybody!

Want to discover what a career Motion Canada is really like? Check out this video that features the Motion Canada Edmonton Distribution Centre!

"38 years ago, a rural Alberta kid started as a Warehouse Representative"

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